Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Photo Disappearance and 2013 Recap

Thanksgiving 2013
Len's 40th Reunion weekend at West Point

Have you ever felt technology was smarter than you?  That is how I feel after seeing my blog photos disappear in the blink of an eye (or click of a smartphone button).  It seems, my new smartphone is too smart for me.  When I first started using the phone,  all of a sudden I had over 500 photos on my phone.  Of course, I did not want those on the phone, so I deleted each one.  I had no idea the phone was syncing with my computer (and my blog) to delete photos from the blog.  I am slowly adding back the photos I can, but decided that may never happen entirely.  Life happens.

I was not the best blogger in 2013, so I decided to do a bit of a photo recap of the year with a few select happenings.

Cooling off in the pool 
Visiting Maybury Farm
Boat ride on Father's Day
Key Deer on our Little Torch Key vacation.
Emily made Elmo cupcakes for Darius'
Half Birthday.
"It's Elmo!"

There was a trip to the Michigan Fiber
Fest in August with some knitting friends.
Jenny and Rob were married on November 22nd.  This event needs a
blog post all it's own.  More photos to follow.

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