Monday, August 27, 2012

More From Our Weekend with Darius

Building with Mega blocks
This is amazing.  After several months of quiet on the blog, I am back with some posts.  One of these days, I will have some knitting, reading or cooking content, but for now it is all about our Little Dumpling.  Being a Grandma is such a wonderful experience.  I am loving every minute I spend with this little boy.  His Momma and Daddy are so good to share him with us.  I am blessed to be such a big part of his life.  He is a joy to be around.  Here are a few photos from this past weekend, with captions by Darius.
More giggling with my Grandpa. 
When I laugh, my whole body is part of the laugh.

Please, Grandpa, may I have those keys?
I am ready to back up.  Watch out folks!

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Szasz Sebes Paul said...

Great weekend!!! Hello from Romania!