Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Darius Update

It has been awhile since I last updated the blog and I'll still need to update with some knitting content another time.  For now, this is a Darius update.  Today I had a fabulous time spending the day with Darius while Emily was with her class on an all-day field trip to the zoo. 

Darius is changing so quickly.  He is such a happy baby and so full of energy, curiosity, and a zest for life.  Two weeks ago, while Emily was here visiting with Darius, he discovered he could sit himself up with no help.  Since then, he has mastered crawling and pulling himself up to stand.  Pulling himself up to stand is a favorite activity and he practiced LOTS today by pulling up on my t-shirt.  Here he is playing his little piano. 

He is a real cheeser for the camera.