Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two FO's and More Cuteness

Darius has a new hat.  I used the same pattern for his earlier hats (Very Basic Baby Beanie), but this time added one inch to the length.  This past Friday, I brought the hat to his house and tried it on him.  He was less than excited about his new hat, but it will keep his head warm during these cold winter months.   Here is Darius modeling the hat.   (Seriously, Grandma, we are in the house and I am busy playing in my excersaucer.)
I also finished a scarf for me.  Details in an earlier blog post. 

Enough knitting.  Time to end with a little more cuteness, provided by Darius.

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Emily :) said...

Apparently the hat is also very delicious because I had to pull it out of his mouth a few times while we walked around the mall today...he says "Thank you, Grandma!"