Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve

I guess one last post of 2011 is appropriate.  This one will not have any knit content, but lots of cuteness.  We have Darius ringing in the new year with us, but I anticipate we will all be asleep in our beds when the new year rolls in.  Tomorrow is a new day and Darius is full of energy each day.  This is Darius' recommended libation for New Year's Eve. 
High on the cuteness scale is Darius in his Jump and Go.  He loves to jump.
He brought his exersaucer with him because this is another of his favorite activities. 

There will be knitting content in the new year.  Happy New Year's!

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Judith said...

Hehehehe! That is one contented little sprog! Adorable, he is.