Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Darius is 7 Weeks Old

I am probably starting to sound like a rerun, but this baby just gets cuter by the minute.  For those with Facebook, you've seen this photo when Em posted it yesterday evening.  I  found it too cute to pass up so it is going here on the blog.
I finished a Pumpkin Hat and a Candy Corn Hat for him.  I need his darling little head now to try them on.  I may need to knit larger or smaller, but that ok since they are quick, little projects.  Em says we need to put this kind of stuff on him before he is old enough to protest.   These hats will be so much cuter on him than they are in this photo.


Judith said...

BEAUTIFUL work on the hats, Mary! What a little sweetlet Darius will be in them.

Anonymous said...

Mary: The hats are so cute... May I ask where I can find the candy corn hat pattern?