Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Sample Knitting for Community Service

I have pulled together a few patterns for scarves and hats that I am knitting for our local Salvation Army. Right now I am trying to knit up a sample of as many of these patterns to show at the next knitting guild meeting. I am hoping many of our members will want to knit some of these to donate. The charity knitting endeavors of our guild are focused mainly in support of the local Salvation Army, where they have a great need for hats and scarves to share in their ministries. Below is a sampling of what I have finished so far. First photo is two different neck warmers.
This is not a fancy hat and scarf set, but rather a very serviceable set. Double strand of worsted weight yarn makes it nice and thick to keep out the cold winter winds.

Below, is the current hat, on the needles. Perhaps I'll have a photo of the finished hat tomorrow. These are all quick knits.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Barn in Progress and Some Knitting FO's

The prayer shawl is finished and ready to turn in on Thursday evening. I have already started the next one in the same pattern. This time the color is Mulberry. I have also finished a scarf and neckwarmer that will be shown at my knitting guild meeting for our community service knitting. They are not fancy, but they are warm, serviceable items.
Here is a photo of the barn in progress. No work crew last weekend as there were other things going on in their lives.