Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Where did 2009 go? Around here, it seemed to fly by me. I had intended to post about Christmas, but did not get to that. We were in CT for Christmas and that afforded me the opportunity to make my annual knitted donations to the Jersey Battered Women's Shelter via my aunt who makes the actual delivery. I may get around to sharing photos of those donations another day.

Awhile back (can't even remember how long ago), I was on a Mason Dixon bib knitting craze. They were kind of addictive as mindless, relaxing knitting and would later serve a useful purpose. I finished twelve bibs and put them away, still in need of a button closure. I have an abundant supply of very cute buttons that are suitable for baby and children's items, but just did not take the time to sew them on. I sat down today, sewed a button on each bib, and now they are ready for donation.

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searchfamilies said...

Very Nice Mary & you have done a lot well done
Hugs Janice