Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall, Fishing, and Fiber

Fall is in the air. While shopping at Kohl's last week, I picked up a fall dishtowel and fingertip towel for my kitchen. Of course, that meant I needed to knit a fall dishcloth to go along with these. When I am at my kitchen sink, I am definitely reminded of fall with the cloth and towels and the view out the window - leaves everywhere.

DH spent a few days fishing with some friends at Cape Hatteras, NC last week. It was a relaxing time for him and he even caught fish. One day they caught enough fish to have a huge fish dinner. This was part of that dinner.

I had plenty to amuse myself while he was gone and that included some knitting. The week prior there were several appointments, which meant sitting around waiting rooms, which meant the need for some mindless knitting. So, I knitted a couple of scarves for the battered women's shelter. I will add these to some already made. I also knitted a couple of washcloths for the little hygiene packets I make for the battered women's shelter.

In an earlier post, I showed off the socks I finished. While in the sock-knitting mood, I pulled some more sock yarn from my stash and cast on for another pair. I made good progress on these while DH was off on his fishing trip.


NarelleWhite said...

The cloth looks like it has a deliberate pattern in the colour, forming an X.

Karin said...

I made a couple of pairs with that very same sock yarn! I love its self-patterning!

Who is the only one that calls him "Bald Guy"? said...

I like the fact that new & fun dish towels are talked about before the bald guy and his stinky fish!

Anita said...

Nice red drum your guy caught! :)

I like your new fall kitchen towels.

And thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. My thanks go to your family too.