Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some FO's, A WIP, and One Less Car

This week in a frenzy of finishing, I completed several projects that were in the almost-finished status. I finished a prayer shawl that has taken me much longer to knit than it should have. I kept setting it aside to make something else. I also had 4 pairs of children's slippers almost finished for the battered women's shelter. They only needed the sewing up and weaving in ends to transform them to finished. Below is a photo of the finished slippers sitting on the finished shawl.

I recently spent a week at Dad's house and stated a prayer shawl to work on while I was there. I always seem to pack more knitting than I actually get accomplished, so this time I took just one project. Of course, given how long it took me to finish the above prayer shawl, I was not in danger of running out of knitting during that week. The prayer shawl currently on the needles is from the book, A PRAYER SHAWL COMPANION, by Janet Bristow and Victoria Cole-Galo. It is called "Ribbon-Trimmed Shawl", but I am not planning to put the ribbons on mine. I think it is turning out quite nice as it is. Below, is this shawl in progress.
My other accomplishment of the current week, was using Craigslist for the first time and selling our extra car. My car-selling efforts were helped immensely by hubby, who is a detail-oriented kind of guy. He keeps the cars maintained, cleaned, and waxed on a regular basis and really put forth the effort to get this one ready for sale. (Think Q-Tips and toothbrush.) Here is hubby washing the windshield for one last time before the new owner picked up the car.


Valerie said...

The new shawl looks lovely!!

Congratulations on selling the Focus!! Len was really washing the windshield in his clothes for work?!

searchfamilies said...

Lovely knitting, you can ask if DH would come & do mine it would be a long way to come being in the UK lol
Hugs Janice

Anonymous said...

The children's slippers are lovely. Is there a pattern out available out there for purchase? Would you be kind and point me to the pattern? Enjoy your blog!!