Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finished Socks and New Fall Aprons

My socks are finished! They fit perfectly and feel wonderful on my feet. I will enjoy wearing these. Not a clue why the picture is sideways. That's not the way I photographed my feet yesterday evening, but is is the way blogger wants to upload the photo.

I have been sewing this weekend, too. I wear an apron when I bake and cook and needed a new fall apron. The two aprons I've been wearing alternately both reminded me of summer - watermelon print on one and blueberries on the other. Yesterday when I finished sewing the apron, I had hubby snap a quick photo. His usual hangout on the weekends is either the garage or the yard, so I settled for being photographed outdoors in the apron.

When I bought the fall fabric last week, I just couldn't decide between two of them. So, today I made another fall apron, but this one will go to my daughter. I know she follows the blog sometimes, but hopefully the apron will arrive in the mail before she sees it here on the internet. Here are the two aprons.


searchfamilies said...

Lovely socks well done, nice aprons also
Hugs Janice

Karin said...

I love your aprons! And the socks! I need to get some things finished --