Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now I Am A Camper

The subject line may be a bit misleading. Perhaps I should just say, "Now I have been camping." Last weekend was my very first camping experience. DH came home on Wednesday evening with the idea that this would be an adventure for the two of us. He has plenty of camping experience and I had NONE. In a weak moment, I agreed. The next few days had me wondering what I was thinking when I said, "YES".

We camped at Wakely Lake, which is not far from Grayling, Michigan. Fishing in this lake is limited to June 15 through August 31, no motors on boats, artificial lures only. It was very serene, peaceful, and quiet. As one fishes, one does not have to worry about the fish being chased off by jet skis and motor boats. There are 4 rustic campsites. We were able to snag one of those and it was a nice, private camping area. Perfect for a first-timer. The weather cooperated and I actually had fun. DH checked the weather forecast prior to suggesting this "adventure", knowing that if it rained all weekend, he would probably never get me camping again.

Here is our campsite:
Proof that I was there:
And, one of the many fish caught by DH:
I will admit that it was a fun weekend. Already, DH is talking about the next time we go camping. Hmmmm, I still like B&B's. But, I would go again.

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Emmmmmily! said...

I don't think you can call yourself a "camper" until you enjoy all the aspect of camping! And next summer, you need to join us for some luxury camping in a more tents!