Friday, June 26, 2009

Books, Books, and More Books

I should be banned from the library or show more restraint. I love books and I love to read. The photo above is the stack of books I currently have checked out of the library and ready to read. There is no way I'll get all those books read by the time they are due, but I won't go without something good to read. I have finished THE WHITE TIGER by Aravind Adiga. It is the July selection for my book discussion group. I liked the book a lot and look forward to the discussion.

I also finished (on my Kindle) reading THE 8TH CONFESSION by James Patterson. This is the newest in the Women's Murder Club mystery series. Good, fun reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Now, the dilemma is which book to start reading next. I actually went to the library this morning to pick up ONE book that was being held for me and came home with THREE. Any serious reader knows that if you enter the library to pick up a book, your body just gravitates toward the new book area and your eyes are drawn to those shelves. So, that's how two more books came home with me.

I am leaning toward starting THE WORLD IN HALF.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Double Knock-Out Roses

Somthing to brighten up a rainy day. My Double Knock-Out Roses are a sight to see. I love admiring them and smelling them, too. This rainy day will be good for catching up on some things inside the house and of course, will help water these lovely roses.

I am listening to THE WHITE TIGER by Aravind Adiga on my iPod in preparation for my book group's July discussion. Currently reading HOME SAFE by Elizabeth Berg and enjoying that one, too.

I was in a new-recipe mood yesterday and made a big pot of Mexican Vegetable Soup. Yummy! A bit labor-intensive, but delicious and made a good quantity to have some for another meal and some into the freezer.

I should have some knitting photos soon. In last week's sorting and cleaning out frenzy, I rediscovered a bin of yarn from my Mom's stash. This contained lots of single and/or partial balls of bulky-weight acrylic that I am turning into children's hats for my community service knitting endeavors. I would like to stash bust this entire bin of yarn by knitting lots of hats. I've had some fun with color combinations and can't wait to share the results in a photo.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lighthouses, Travels and More

We are back from our trip to a family reunion in NC, followed by a couple of days at Nag's Head, followed by a mini-reunion/remembrance ceremony weekend in Arlington, VA. I have a fixation with lighthouses so the time at the beach was spent viewing 4 lighthouses, photographing each of those, and climbing the Cape Hatteras lighthouse (pictured above). The view from the top was spectacular. The climb involves 248 iron spiral stairs, but was worth each and every one of those steps once I was at the top.

We spent some time driving around the area and viewing the other lighthouses. We saw the Roanoke Marshes lighthouse, the Bodie Island lighthouse, Currituck Beach lighthouse, and Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Photos in my Webshots album (link to the right of this post).

On Thursday as we were driving toward Duck and Corolla to view the Currituck Beach lighthouse, I spotted a sign and asked Len to stop for a photo op. Being the good sport that he is, he made the stop and even removed his cap to better emphasize why we were stopping to snap a photo. Emily has been known over the years to affectionately refer to her Dad as "Baldy". So, Emily, this one's for YOU!