Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some Family Times

My Dad has been here for a visit and it has been wonderful having him here. We had some nice family time over the weekend, with all the "kids" here, too. Here is a photo of Grandpa, Emily, and Rob.Here's one of the three "kids".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cookbooking and Knitting

Not much knitting going on lately, except for some dishcloths. The big reason for lack of knitting time, is FINISHED and I am pleased with the results. This is the family reunion cookbook I've been working on for the end of May. Here is the finished book, with a sample of the great recipes contained in the cookbook. This is the Buttered German Chocolate Pound Cake, one of the recipes submitted by Cousin Jane. One bite and we knew why it is a family favorite at their house.Just so this post has some knitting content, here are some of the finished and in-progress dishcloths of late.
My Dad is here for a visit and we are enjoying having him. He and hubby are attending the annual Fly Fishing Club Banquet this evening. We went to the nursery today and picked up some tomato plants, which DS has already planted for me. Now, to be patient and wait for those cherry, grape, and pear tomatoes.