Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year and Some Finished Projects

Happy New Year! I have some finished projects to report. I finished the afghan for Emily, using a basic mile-a-minute pattern my Mom taught me years ago. I think Emily is happy with the afghan and it will look nice on the back of her couch as well as be warm and cozy for the winter. I used Vanna's Choice yarn. The center of each strip is "Dusty Green" and they are edged in Black.

While we were in CT for Christmas, I gave my Aunt some items to turn over to the battered women's shelter. I made some sweaters for children, scarves for the ladies, and some ziploc packets with washcloths, small soap and shampoo.

Last, but not least, I finished my Weaver's Wool Mini Shawl. This was knitted in Caron's Simply Soft, "Gray Heather".

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Emily!!!!! said...

I snuggle with my afghan every night :)