Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowy Baking Day

This was the scene looking up our road yesterday morning. By the end of the storm, which was mid-afternoon, it was a real winter wonderland around here. That was not so for those who needed to be out on the roads, but for me it was a day to look out at the beauty and remain inside baking. Snowy days always make my thoughts turn to filling the house with warmth and the aroma of something baking in my oven. Len ran the snowblower before heading out to work and then late in the afternoon I ran it again to get the newly-fallen snow. The rest of the day, I busied myself in the kitchen baking. I baked 8 crumb-topped coffeecakes to share with our neighbors. Yesterday evening, we delivered them and found all but two of the families at home. Today we will deliver those two coffeecakes. I did save one for my family and Rob tried it yesterday evening. Delicious!


Songbird said...

I wish you lived on my street!

Denise said...

Yummers! What is your recipe for the crumb topped coffee cakes?