Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Snowing and Baking

It is snowing again today so I must be baking. This time it is cookies. The house smells wonderful. I baked a batch of Jam Thumbprint Cookies from an old recipe I've been using for years and also a batch of Peanut Blossom Cookies from a new recipe found here:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowy Baking Day

This was the scene looking up our road yesterday morning. By the end of the storm, which was mid-afternoon, it was a real winter wonderland around here. That was not so for those who needed to be out on the roads, but for me it was a day to look out at the beauty and remain inside baking. Snowy days always make my thoughts turn to filling the house with warmth and the aroma of something baking in my oven. Len ran the snowblower before heading out to work and then late in the afternoon I ran it again to get the newly-fallen snow. The rest of the day, I busied myself in the kitchen baking. I baked 8 crumb-topped coffeecakes to share with our neighbors. Yesterday evening, we delivered them and found all but two of the families at home. Today we will deliver those two coffeecakes. I did save one for my family and Rob tried it yesterday evening. Delicious!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some Updates Before Tomorrow's Snow Photos

A few years ago, we had all kinds of dire warnings about impending huge amounts of snowfall, only to have said snow pass by south of us. It turned out to be a winter of many warnings, with little actual snow. It is not officially winter yet, but hubby has shoveled snow at least six times already since November. Dad arrived for a November visit to very pleasant weather only to experience a quick turn for the cold and snow. It stayed so cold during his visit that the snow never melted till well after he returned home.

All that said, I don't know whether to believe the warnings of an impending huge snowstorm or not. In looking at the weather map and the line between snow or ice, we will not truly know what to expect till it gets here. We are that close to the line. Hubby this morning was already predicting no school tomorrow for our teacher daughter. They are scheduled for a half day so he may be right. It is a district serving a rather rural area so two-hour delays are not unusual. However, I believe one would cancel a half day rather than run the buses on a two-hour delay only to practically turn them around to take the children home. We shall see in the morning.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of spending the day in Emily's classroom for her holiday parties. The children were very excited. When I arrived in the morning, the Young Fives class was in the computer lab. How cute to see all those little five year olds at work on the computers. Gee, when I was in kindergarten, being able to use one of those big fat pencils made me feel important. Now, they are computer literate in preschool.

Monday I did a little baking to bring to school on Tuesday for the faculty room. The staff at the elementary school has been so warm, welcoming, and helpful as Emily settled in as a new classroom teacher part way through the school year. I wanted to do something to thank them, so after consulting with Emily, I baked two crumb-topped coffeecakes and put them in the faculty room with plates and forks. They were enjoyed!! (I love those EZ Foil pans with the clear plastic lids. A couple of holiday stickers made them quite festive.)

The cute little snowman dishcloth above was a little gifty I left in Emily's car on Tuesday along with a holiday dishtowel to add a festive touch to her kitchen. The pattern can be found at http://downcloverlaine.blogspot.com. The designer calls it "Snowbaby Washcloth". Hubby had a little trouble actually seeing it as a snowman or snowbaby, but it seems the photo above turned out fine to view this. It looks like a snowman to me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

An Illusion

I have been quite busy with lots of things other than knitting, but do have a small finished project to share. Dishcloths are fun, quick-gratification knitting and perfect for this busy time of year. This Christmas tree illusion cloth was a free pattern on Ravelry. Pretty cool.