Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Delivery Day

The TV table is finished and has been delivered to Emily's apartment. Emily and Len are in the consultation/design phase for the bookcase that will sit on top, with a space for a TV. Emily is saving to replace her old TV so that is being considered in the design of the new piece of furniture. The plan for the finished piece (above) is to have rectangular baskets on the shelves to hold DVD's and magazines, etc.

I have uploaded a photo tour of Emily's apartment to my Webshots album. There is a new folder set up, titled "Emily's Apartment". The link is on the right here on my blog if you care to check out her apartment. I especially LOVE the way she decorated her bathroom. Here is a peak from that album.

Emily decided to have Len bring her elliptical trainer to the apartment and sent home to our house her desk and a large overstuffed chair. Rob was not thrilled with moving the elliptical trainer up the basement stairs yet again since he just moved it down there in the summer when she first moved to the apartment. I think the decision of the two moving guys (Rob and Len) is that the elliptical trainer is now in place till the end of the lease on the apartment. Below is a photo of Len's little truck upon arrival at Emily's apartment.

1 comment:

Emily aka best daughter in the world :) said...

boohoohoo for rob...if he ate more then he probably wouldn't be so weak...he should just look at it as though i gave him a free workout for the day!!

and i'm glad that last picture doesn't enlarge...not a cute one!

remember...when those guys start bothering you, you can always come visit me!!! love you!!