Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Knitting Update

I don't think I ever posted a good photo of the Prayer Shawl I knitted and turned in a few weeks ago for the Prayer Shawl group I knit with once a month. This was knitted using the basic K3, P3 prayer shawl pattern and for me seemed endless. But, it is finished, turned in, is very soft and comfy, and hopefully will provide comfort to someone who needs a good, warm hug.

Now, in the interest of remaining accountable and hopefully finishing some more projects, I am sharing a photo of my "on the needles" projects. From left to right, I have a Weaver's Wool Mini Shawl (, a dishcloth, THE sock (you've seen it before), and another Prayer Shawl (diagonal dishcloth design type).

It is pouring rain outside today, but I have baking to do for several Church events this weekend. Len is co-chair of the Missions Cte at Church so several of these are related to a visit from a missionary this weekend. There will be a small dinner at our house on Saturday evening and lots of mini muffins to be served at his presentation on Sunday morning. (I believe this makes me an honorary member of the Missions Cte.) The rainy day makes it perfect for baking.

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