Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dinner With The New Kindergarten Teacher

We had a little family dinner this evening to celebrate Emily's new teaching position. Halloween will be her last day as the Toddler Teacher at Tutor Time. November 3rd is her first day at Flora List Elementary School as a Young Fives/Kindergarten teacher. She will be teaching a half-day session of Young Fives and a half-day session of Kindergarten. She is very excited and we are proud of her and excited for this new opportunity.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Continuing With The Beauty of Fall in Michigan

These shots were so spectacular that they needed their own separate post. This is the North Breakwater Lighthouse in Ludington. I was playing with some of the manual settings on my digital camera after dinner on Saturday evening. We missed the actual sunset since we were lingering over dinner at a local micro brewery in Ludington. After hiking all day, we enjoyed sitting, talking and people watching while sampling some of the offerings at The Jamesport Brewing Company. We finished the meal with a very decadent Bananas Foster that was described as "enough for two". There was MORE than enough for two. This was my first time to have Bananas Foster and it won't be my last.

Sharing the Beauty of Fall in Michigan

This is a spectacular view from the Ridge Trail at Ludington State Park looking down on Lake Michigan and the Big Sable Point Lighthouse. We spent last weekend traveling on the western side of Michigan and enjoying some beautiful fall colors. We spent the first night in Frankfort, Michigan at a local "up North" type motel. After driving around earlier in the day and taking in all the gorgeous colors and views, we enjoyed walking around the little downtown area and along the water. I have a fascination with lighthouses, so we walked out to take a picture near the Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse (below). We had dinner at a local restaurant and feasted on their Friday night fishfry. Yummy!

Saturday we spent the day at Ludington State Park, hiking about 8-10 miles of trails. The weather was perfect and we hiked four different trails. We climbed to the top of the Big Sable Point Lighthouse and the view was spectacular. Below is a photo of the lighthouse and also one of us at the top, overlooking Lake Michigan.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Knitting Update

I don't think I ever posted a good photo of the Prayer Shawl I knitted and turned in a few weeks ago for the Prayer Shawl group I knit with once a month. This was knitted using the basic K3, P3 prayer shawl pattern and for me seemed endless. But, it is finished, turned in, is very soft and comfy, and hopefully will provide comfort to someone who needs a good, warm hug.

Now, in the interest of remaining accountable and hopefully finishing some more projects, I am sharing a photo of my "on the needles" projects. From left to right, I have a Weaver's Wool Mini Shawl (, a dishcloth, THE sock (you've seen it before), and another Prayer Shawl (diagonal dishcloth design type).

It is pouring rain outside today, but I have baking to do for several Church events this weekend. Len is co-chair of the Missions Cte at Church so several of these are related to a visit from a missionary this weekend. There will be a small dinner at our house on Saturday evening and lots of mini muffins to be served at his presentation on Sunday morning. (I believe this makes me an honorary member of the Missions Cte.) The rainy day makes it perfect for baking.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Guild KAL Sweaters

Our knitting guild is doing a KAL of a cute, easy child's sweater for donation to the Salvation Army's holiday distribution program. The pattern is available online for the sweater (in child's sizes 2, 4, and 6) and a hat. It calls for worsted weight yarn. You can find the pattern at

Here is a photo of the green one I showed at the September guild meeting. This one was knitted using Red Heart TLC Essentials, color "Lt Celery".

Here is a photo of another one I knitted, using Red Heart TLC Essentials, color "Lilac" and a touch of fancy for the garter stripes down the front and back (Lana Grossa Caramella Print).
If you are a fellow guild member looking at this blog post, you may want to consider knitting one of these up before the October meeting. Joanne will be teaching a program on Crocheted Flowers. Wouldn't some crocheted flowers be perfect embellishments on this little sweater?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Delivery Day

The TV table is finished and has been delivered to Emily's apartment. Emily and Len are in the consultation/design phase for the bookcase that will sit on top, with a space for a TV. Emily is saving to replace her old TV so that is being considered in the design of the new piece of furniture. The plan for the finished piece (above) is to have rectangular baskets on the shelves to hold DVD's and magazines, etc.

I have uploaded a photo tour of Emily's apartment to my Webshots album. There is a new folder set up, titled "Emily's Apartment". The link is on the right here on my blog if you care to check out her apartment. I especially LOVE the way she decorated her bathroom. Here is a peak from that album.

Emily decided to have Len bring her elliptical trainer to the apartment and sent home to our house her desk and a large overstuffed chair. Rob was not thrilled with moving the elliptical trainer up the basement stairs yet again since he just moved it down there in the summer when she first moved to the apartment. I think the decision of the two moving guys (Rob and Len) is that the elliptical trainer is now in place till the end of the lease on the apartment. Below is a photo of Len's little truck upon arrival at Emily's apartment.