Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Landscaping Photos to Share

After all the weeks of chopping, digging, pulling, tugging, more digging, planting and in general back-breaking work that Len performed, I figure I should do my part and share some photos of our wonderful landscaping project. I also was involved during the actual project and could often be seen out in front of the house with my clipboard offering encouragement and direction to Len. So as not to look like too much of a supervisory shrew, I also brought numerous cold drinks on the hot days.

Here is a BEFORE photo of the front of our house. (Double click on the photos to enlarge.) Underneath, is a similar view as an AFTER photo. In a couple of years, things will fill in and grow to perfection. I love the much cleaner, updated look.

Below on the left is a BEFORE photo of the area along our garage. On the right, is the AFTER photo of this area. Below the garage windows we now have the most beautiful Double Knock-Out Roses


The AFTER photo on the right shows the Boxwood and Hostas that replaced a very overgrown hedge. Last weekend all the Hostas were ready to bloom. We returned from one of our trips to help Emily move only to find a rabbit sitting on the front lawn and three of the Hostas were missing their blooms. I was not at all happy with that rabbit. During the week, the two remaining Hostas did bloom and are really pretty.


Denise said...


Send your sweetheart to our home - we are planning to re-do our front beds, too! Ours are 20+ years and overgrown, even while I prune everything back severely each spring, they are too big and wide. We are going to do a simplification like yours. Very nice! I'm happy for you! (a member of DishclothsRus)

Anonymous said...

Just remember that you might be very happy to see a rabbit when your hostas have multiplied beyond the number you want them.

Happy knitting
(janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca)