Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Emily's Next Adventure

Emily has been apartment hunting, selected an apartment, and signed a one-year lease on her new home. Yesterday I was with her as she picked up the keys and moved a few things into her apartment. Exciting times! She has several boxes of kitchen items that were at our house that she will settle into her new kitchen in the next few days. Sometime in July, we will be doing the moving thing again as we help her move the furniture and other belongings from East Lansing to her new apartment. It is a nice one-bedroom apartment with a newly-remodeled kitchen. Perfect for her. The apartment is a reasonable drive from her workplace and near other amentities.

Here are some photos from yesterday's adventure.

1 comment:

Emily aka best daughter in the world :) said...

If only the kitchen was still that clean...haha, just kidding, of course!

P.S. can you tell i'm bored and don't have cable...but i'm sure you love all these comments!!