Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Landscaping Photos to Share

After all the weeks of chopping, digging, pulling, tugging, more digging, planting and in general back-breaking work that Len performed, I figure I should do my part and share some photos of our wonderful landscaping project. I also was involved during the actual project and could often be seen out in front of the house with my clipboard offering encouragement and direction to Len. So as not to look like too much of a supervisory shrew, I also brought numerous cold drinks on the hot days.

Here is a BEFORE photo of the front of our house. (Double click on the photos to enlarge.) Underneath, is a similar view as an AFTER photo. In a couple of years, things will fill in and grow to perfection. I love the much cleaner, updated look.

Below on the left is a BEFORE photo of the area along our garage. On the right, is the AFTER photo of this area. Below the garage windows we now have the most beautiful Double Knock-Out Roses


The AFTER photo on the right shows the Boxwood and Hostas that replaced a very overgrown hedge. Last weekend all the Hostas were ready to bloom. We returned from one of our trips to help Emily move only to find a rabbit sitting on the front lawn and three of the Hostas were missing their blooms. I was not at all happy with that rabbit. During the week, the two remaining Hostas did bloom and are really pretty.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Emily

Happy 22nd Birthday to Emily!!!!

Yesterday we went to see Emily and take her out to lunch for her birthday. We moved a couple more things into her apartment so the transition from her house to apartment continues. I baked a small birthday cake to take with us and we enjoyed birthday cake in her new apartment. Rob was not with us as he had already been out there the evening before to join Emily and some friends for a birthday celebration on the town.

Of course, both parents wanted to have a picture with the Birthday Girl.
Note which parent wanted to be in the cake picture!
Emily had to work all day today, which is her actual birthday. Welcome to the Big Girl World, Emily!
Love you Sweetie!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On The Needles

I have several things on the needles so I will post an update and perhaps that will keep me accountable for finishing some of these items. The socks have been in the works for awhile now, but actually I will not be wearing them till colder weather so I do have some time to finish them. Several other projects are charity knitting so no real deadline, but I would like to finish some of them. If you have been following my blog, you have already seen both of the above projects in earlier posts. One sock is nearing time for the toe decreases and the other is at least moving along slowly. The sweater above is for a child, being knitted out of a variety of single balls of yarn. This will be for charity.

Meanwhile, I was in the mood to start a baby sweater. This is the Little Lamb sweater from the Precious Layettes leaflet from Leisure Arts. I had a single skein of Plymouth Encore in my stash so cast on for this baby sweater. I always seem to have a dishcloth or washcloth on the needles as a quick, little project. Many of these have been given away over the years or packaged with little hotel-sized soaps, shampoos, and lotions and then donated to a battered women's shelter. The current cloth on the needles is a "scrap" cloth. That means I am using up partial balls of cotton. Generally, these go into my kitchen.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Yesterday morning we went to our town's annual 4th of July parade, which is a great parade. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the parade, but no photos since I did not bring my camera. However, I do have a photo to share showing how Len spent the rest of the 4th.

The landscaping project continues. Len has been very busy chopping, digging, and pulling up all the old bushes, hedges, and other plant matter. For the past week he has been busy digging and planting all the new landscaping. Things are really starting to take shape. Soon I will be able to post photos of the finished landscaping. He is done planting and now will start digging to install the landscape edging and put down the weed block stuff before getting mulch on Monday.

Not much knitting going on since I've been trying to help with the landscaping project, at least in a supervisory capacity. But, I did finish the Hexagon Cloth. Pattern can be found at

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Emily's Next Adventure

Emily has been apartment hunting, selected an apartment, and signed a one-year lease on her new home. Yesterday I was with her as she picked up the keys and moved a few things into her apartment. Exciting times! She has several boxes of kitchen items that were at our house that she will settle into her new kitchen in the next few days. Sometime in July, we will be doing the moving thing again as we help her move the furniture and other belongings from East Lansing to her new apartment. It is a nice one-bedroom apartment with a newly-remodeled kitchen. Perfect for her. The apartment is a reasonable drive from her workplace and near other amentities.

Here are some photos from yesterday's adventure.