Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No More Peanuts for Squirrels

I have two bird feeders outside my kitchen window and I enjoy the variety of birds that visit every day. There are several squirrels, chipmunks and even a couple of rabbits that clean up the area underneath the bird feeders. I was guilty of thinking the squirrels were cute and might enjoy some peanuts. I've been buying roasted peanuts for the squirrels. Each day as the formerly cute squirrels sat on the patio underneath the bird feeders, I would open the kitchen window and toss them some peanuts.
Those #$%&* squirrels have eaten the last peanut from this house!! The above photo taken this morning tells the story. Yes, that is one of the squirrels and he is climbing the screen of the sliding door in our family room. He also had the nerve to be scratching at the screen as he climbed. This better be the last time he climbs that screen. I am done feeding the squirrels. The rest of the peanuts will be consumed by my human guys.

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