Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Reading, Knitting, Designing

A little of each to report. Currently on my iPod I am listening to Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky while I walk each day and some while I am knitting. This is for a book discussion on Friday so I need to listen as often as possible between now and Friday to have it finished. I was at the laundramat today washing some large comforters so had some knitting and listening time. I finished knitting a cloth of my own design while waiting for those comforters.

This is my newest cloth design, called

Three Degrees of Separation.

(Thank you to my son, Rob, for the name.)

I am reading a book right now that I am enjoying very much. It is If Today Be Sweet by Thrity Umrigar. The protagonist is a Parsi woman who is a recent widow. The book opens with her on an extended visit at the home of her son and his family in Ohio. She must decide between returning to her home in Bombay or staying in the United States. We follow along on Tehmina's thought journey as she struggles with returning to what she knows in India or embracing the unknown in the US. A very good read.

I have started a blog for my knit designs. The link is here on this blog. The only pattern currently on the new blog is the Three Degrees of Separation, but I plan to load the rest of my designs soon. Please check back.

My socks are progressing even though I am still knitting the first sock. I am knitting along on the foot part now so since I have small feet, they will soon be finished.

Now, click on the link to the right to check out my cloth pattern.


Karin said...

Nice design, Mary. Re Thrity Umrigar -- did not know she had another book out. I read The Space Between Us. I will have to look for the one you mention. Are you enjoying Suite Francaise? I read it, too.

Anonymous said...


Your cloth designs are so nice that I have printed them off twice!
My broken elbow means that I cannot knit, and I am building up quite a pile of patterns "to do". Even if yours are doubly represented.

Thank you for them,

Suzanne Dye said...

Three degrees of separation! I love it! Way to go, Rob!