Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some WIP's

This is my first attempt at blogging. I enjoy reading other knitting blogs to see what projects are on the needles or completed so decided to jump in and try my own blog. I think that perhaps this will make me more accountable for what stays on the needles and what actually gets finished. I have several WIP's right now and some are older than others. I am going to try posting some pictures of these now.

First is the Shapely Shawlette. That is my oldest WIP and I really would like to finish this one.
Next is my multi-directional scarf from the book, Modular Knitting. I am using Paton's SWS yarn for this in color "geranium". Very nice to work with and I am also close to finishing this.

Next WIP is a ribbon scarf for me I am using square needles to knit this scarf and really like the feel with the very slippery ribbon yarn.
Also on the needles now, but soon to be finished since they are instant-gratification knitting are two washcloths. The hot pink one is called Emily's Building Blocks and was designed by an internet friend for DishClothsRUs. The blue one is the June mid-month KAL on the Monthly Dishcloth list on yahoogroups.


Karin said...

Hi, Mary. Nice blog. You can see mine at ksknitter.wordpress.com

Happy blogging!

Karin from DRU

Anonymous said...

Nice work. I enjoyed looking at all your WIP's. You've done a great job on your blog. I have not had the courage to one for me.

Liz in MO.

Laritza said...

Welcome to blogland! Look at those pretty colors you have there! I am a sista :)

Diane said...

Wow, beautiful work! My dishcloth looks like yours, but a different color, I'm doing mine in turquoise. Love the scarf! I've knitted a scarf in that same yarn, different pattern, it looks so different from yours. One of these days I'll start a blog too. I love reading them. Great start to your blog!

DawnK said...

Wow, what pretty stuff. You are busy!

mzundercover said...

good to see you with your own little corner in cyberspace, mary!

your WIPs are looking good ... i LOVE that blue dishcloth. i guess tonight while i'm watching "the closer" (i recorded it last night) i will work on getting my WIPs into the FO pile :-)


heather said...

Great page. My KAL for Monthly dishcloths is in a varigated color so you really can't see all that detial to well. You can see it on yours. thanks now I know lol

My blog is www.wanttoseemyknits.blogspot.com

KarenS said...

Looking good so far, Mary. I like your pink color scheme :-)

Karin said...

Great Blog, I knew you could do it.

Karin (Pa)

Jean said...

Looks good! My dishcloth looks similar. You can see it at http://profiles.yahoo.com/dashzap

Anonymous said...

nyMary, you do fine work! Everything is so pretty, especially the scarves. I'm a scarf junkie. Congrats. on your new blog. Sometimes people go overboards, and blogs can get real busy, too busy, but your's is great. I have a blog for friends only, and believe me, it simple and straight forward. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. :)Tammy in AL

Tabitha said...

Nice work Mary. Can't wait to see you finished Shawlette. Great colors

Amanda said...

All your projects are so lovely! I especially like the modular knit scarf. It's in a great colorway.

Cristina Salgueiro said...

welcome to the blog world:)

cristina from South Africa


Great projects! What yarn are you using for your shawlette? Now i want to dig out my pattern after seeing yours!

Drop by my blog. I have UFO's galore!

Judith said...

Hi, Mary. Great blog - nice work! Isn't it fun?

Kandie said...

I love pink, so I enjoyed the color scheme of your blog. The WIP with the slippery yarn and ribbon intrigues me. I have never tried those two together. Did you find the pattern online?

Beautiful WIPS!

Kandie in Indiana

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stitchin' girl said...

Great blog. Lots of lovely knitting going on. I really like the scarf on the square needles!!

Anonymous said...

What are square needles?

Happy Knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca