Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving

The socks are finished and the colors remind me so much of fall. It is breezy and raining like crazy here so leaves are falling all around us. We had such a mild fall that the leaves are actually on the trees much later than normal this year.

The socks were knitted with Crystal Palace "Maizy" yarn. The color is "Indian Corn".

Sunday, November 18, 2007

WIPS and Where Does The Time Go?

Now I am going to sound really old by asking, "Where does the time go?" I can't believe that my last blog entry was in September. What happened to October? This time of year I am gearing back up for tax season, taking classes, exams, training, etc. I don't have as much reading and knitting time it seems. However, I seem to have started plenty of projects. Hopefully, soon I will finish a few. The socks that were in the September blog are almost done. I just need to sit down and kitchener the toe of the second sock. Then I can post them finished. I did finish the gold prayer shawl I was knitting. I loved working with this color - so rich and creamy.

I have an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise sweater on the needles. This pattern is so much fun to knit. Here is a shot of it not folded and another with the sleeves folded up. I am using a combination of worsted weight yarns on a size 8 needle.

Other projects on the needles include a baby afghan for a coworker of DH and a "scrap" towel for my laundry room. I am using leftovers of dishcloth cotton for this towel, knitting along till a color runs out and then starting another. This should definitely brighten up the laundry room - kind of a crazy quilt towel.

I hope soon to be posting a couple of FO's.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some Community Service Knitting Ready to Deliver

I have been knitting fancy, warm scarves for the ladies at a battered women's shelter and also washcloths. The washcloths are packaged with hotel-size soap, shampoo and lotion. I have some ready to donate when I see my aunt in the next week. I also knitted up a few baby bibs that I will add to this donation.

No two washcloths are alike. Just some fun,quick-gratification kind of knitting that willserve a useful purpose. Below you can see the washcloths before they were packaged.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Some FO's

Three more scarves done in the past week. These were all knitted using one strand of Lion Brand Boucle and one strand of Fun Fur. Quick project that makes a nice, warm scarf with some pizazz.

I also knitted a washcloth using one of the new S&C Stripes. This one is a baby lace pattern using "Pinky Stripes". Below is another washcloth, which is a new design that I'll be posting the pattern for in the next few days. It still needs to be named.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Surprise in the Mail

I came home today to find a surprise in the mail from my internet friend, Jo W in Missouri. Last week I posted a note to my friends at the DishclothsRUs group sharing a link to a blog with a really cute crocheted bath puff. My crochet skills are marginal at best, but I really like this bath puff so I jokingly suggested one of the crocheters on the list might make one for me. (Really I was kidding.) Jo W crocheted a bath puff and mailed it to me. It is WONDERFUL! I can't wait to give it a try in the shower. She does amazing crochet. Thank you JO W for my bath puff.

Oh, just in case you want the link:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Added Two More Patterns

I have added two more of my cloth designs to my pattern blog. You can click on the link at the right to access the patterns. Below on the left is my Jungle Cloth and on the right is my Marvelous Mesh Cloth. The Jungle cloth was knitted using Sugar and Cream "Sage Green". The Marvelous Mesh cloth is Sugar and Cream "Summerset".

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Reading, Knitting, Designing

A little of each to report. Currently on my iPod I am listening to Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky while I walk each day and some while I am knitting. This is for a book discussion on Friday so I need to listen as often as possible between now and Friday to have it finished. I was at the laundramat today washing some large comforters so had some knitting and listening time. I finished knitting a cloth of my own design while waiting for those comforters.

This is my newest cloth design, called

Three Degrees of Separation.

(Thank you to my son, Rob, for the name.)

I am reading a book right now that I am enjoying very much. It is If Today Be Sweet by Thrity Umrigar. The protagonist is a Parsi woman who is a recent widow. The book opens with her on an extended visit at the home of her son and his family in Ohio. She must decide between returning to her home in Bombay or staying in the United States. We follow along on Tehmina's thought journey as she struggles with returning to what she knows in India or embracing the unknown in the US. A very good read.

I have started a blog for my knit designs. The link is here on this blog. The only pattern currently on the new blog is the Three Degrees of Separation, but I plan to load the rest of my designs soon. Please check back.

My socks are progressing even though I am still knitting the first sock. I am knitting along on the foot part now so since I have small feet, they will soon be finished.

Now, click on the link to the right to check out my cloth pattern.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Michigan Fiber Fest and More

Saturday was a fun-filled day spent at the Michigan Fiber Festival with friends from my knitting guild. The weather was nice and the yarn plentiful. Some of it came home with me. I bought some sock yarns, sock pattern, and sock needles. I see new socks for me in the future.

I have already cast on and started a pair of socks using a new Crystal Palace yarn "Maizy". This is 82% corn and 18% elastic nylon. The color I am using is called "Indian Corn". These will be nice socks for fall.

My other sock yarn is 80% Merino Wool/20% Nylon from
Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm (

Also on my needles is a prayer shawl, using the traditional K3, P3 pattern in Lion Brand Homespun "Candy Apple" as well as another scarf for charity using Homespun/Fun Fur combined.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Major Painting/Minor Knitting

This past week has been more painting and not much knitting. The painting in the family room is complete and my attentions turned to the kitchen. I did manage to do some knitting, starting a prayer shawl and finishing some scarves for a battered women's shelter. I also finished a couple of "scrap" dishcloths for my kitchen, using leftovers of cotton.

DH put wainscoting on the bottom in the eating area of our kitchen, with a nice cap and tall baseboards. He did a beautiful job on the wood so I wanted to do it justice with my painting. The finished product says "YES". This past week I painted the ceilings in both the eating and cooking areas of the kitchen. Then work turned to the walls in the eating area. The cooking part will be next week. Here is the kitchen in progress. Yes, those are newspapers hanging from the blue painter's tape. I did not want to drip any wall paint onto the beautifully installed and painted wainscoting. The wainscoting and trim are white and the walls are "Mountain Haze" (green with gray undertones). Very subtle. The color on the walls before the new paint is a brighter green. Soon I will post a picture of the finished kitchen.

Here is the prayer shawl that I started. I am using a free pattern from the Lion Brand website, knitting with Lion Brand Homespun.

These are three scarves I have finished for the battered women's shelter. The one on the left and the one in the center were knitted with one strand LB Homespun and one strand of LB Fun Fur. The one on the right is LB Fun Fur Stripes "Copacabana".
Lastly, pictured below are the two "scrap" dishcloths I finished. Not much, but they will be useful in my kitchen.

My sister arrives tomorrow for a visit with her daughter (Erica) and son (Ben). We are excited about that and looking forward to seeing them. Painting will stop for a few days so I can enjoy the time with my sister, niece, and nephew.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not Much Knitting but Some Stash Busting

The pictures will tell the story of why there has not been much knitting lately. We are redoing our family room which had very dark paneling. I wanted to lighten up the room so needless to say, there was LOTS of prep work involved. The room has a cathedral ceiling with dark wood beams. Again, that involves lots of prep work as well as DH's involvement since I am too short to reach and don't want to be that high on a ladder anyhow. The room is in progress, but still at the point where it has too look worse before it will look better. The paint color on the walls will actually go all the way up to the ceiling and also be on the beams, but I got anxious and put the first coat on the paneling before DH got around to the ceiling so I couldn't do the whole wall.

Now to the knitting part. I am still in the midst of lots of stash busting knitting. I only have small projects on the needles right now so nothing major to report. I did finish another hat for charity using up some acrylic worsted stash. I have two more scarves on the needles, also for charity. My other easy, mindless knitting project is a dishcloth using up some small amounts of leftover cotton. I'm having a little fun combining small leftovers into "scrap" cloths that will go into my dishcloth/dishtowel drawer for use in my kitchen. These will be sort of the crazy quilt of dishcloths I guess. The bright green scarf is knitted with one strand of Lion Brand Boucle in "lime" along with one strand of Fun Fur, also in "lime". The striped scarf is Lion Brand Fun Fur Stripes in "calypso". All of these projects are helping reduce my stash.

I have been doing some reading lately. I recently finished two books that I really enjoyed reading. The first was FORGIVE ME by Amanda Eyre Ward - a short book, but very haunting - dealing with apartheid. I also read and enjoyed Chris Bohjalian's newest book, DOUBLE BIND. On my Ipod while walking I just finished BROKEN DISHES by Earlene Fowler. This is part of the Benni Harper mystery series. These are good books for walking and listening. I have several more books loaded on the Ipod so now I need to decide which one to "read" next while I walk.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Babies With The Preemie Blankets

Here are my "babies" showing off the two completed preemie blankets. These were knitted using the Basket Weave Preemie Blanket pattern featured in the July 2005 Creative Knitting Magazine. It is a fun pattern to knit and could easily be adapted for a full-sized baby afghan.

Just to show off my babies a little more, here is a photo of me holding them with the blankets. No, the blankets are not for the dolls. They will be donated to University Medical Center in Lubbock, TX as part of the Knitting For Children yahoogroup donation in July.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just Some Quick Gratification Knitting

I am knitting another preemie blanket using the same basketweave pattern, but this time in "watermelon" color. I took that along for car knitting today when we drove to visit our daughter and take her out to lunch for her 21st birthday. We are not invited to the evening celebration with her friends, coworkers and even her brother. I'm sure it would be later than we want to be out anyhow. It is hard to believe my baby is 21 now. My, they do grow up. She is a lovely young woman.
I have another scarf on the needles for charity that makes good mindless knitting. In the quick gratification category, I knitted two dish/washcloths this week.

This one is the Ridged Openwork pattern knitted using Sugar and Cream "Sunny Sky". It really does remind me of a sunny sky.

This one is called Dots and Dashes and was knitted using Sugar and Cream "Lazy Daisy".

Next entry should have the finished preemie blanket.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Preemie Blanket Finished

This morning I finished the little preemie blanket I was knitting. Color is actually a bit brighter than what is shown in the photo, but you get the idea from this. This only took one 6-oz. skein of Caron's Simply Soft Brites. I have already cast on for another one using the color "watermelon". More stash busting.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Stash Busting

I have lots of acrylic stash, mainly solo skeins of yarn. I do a lot of charity knitting so this is a good thing, but one can have too much. So, I am focusing on knitting for charity to use up some of this stash. I have had a good week of stash busting. Below is a photo of the three hats and one scarf that I finished this week. The scarf is a combination of one strand Lion Brand Boucle "Taffy" and one strand LB Fun Fur "Soft Yellow". This scarf is shown as a WIP in an earlier post.

I also have some stash busting knitting on the needles. I have another hat for charity as well as a preemie afghan from the July 2005 Creative Knitting magazine. This is a fun basketweave pattern and very relaxing knitting. I am using Caron's Simply Soft Brights "Limelight". It is very soft and a nice bright color. Here are the two stash-busting WIP's.

We have had a perfect weather weekend here in SE Michigan. I've done some walking while listening to James Patterson's book, Step on a Crack. Not highbrow literature, but a good listen while getting some exercise. Hubby is away doing repairs and maintenance on his mother's house to hopefully have it ready to put on the market so yesterday while knitting I was started listening to Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. Great knitting listening since the protagonist owns a yarn shop. Lots of knitting in this book.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Scarf is Finished

I am very pleased to report that I have finished my Multi-Directional Scarf from the book Modular Knits by Iris Schreier. I used Patons SWS in the color "geranium". Here is a picture of the finished scarf.

Our knitting guild had a program on mitered squares knitting the other night with the idea of members knitting the Cottage Creation's pattern called Rambling Rows Jacket. I have had the pattern leaflet for several years and do plan to knit one of those soon. In the meantime, I knitted a mitered square dishcloth.

I needed a mindless knitting project for a ride in the car today so started another fancy/warm scarf for a battered women's shelter. This one is using one strand of Lion Brand Boucle in "Taffy" and one strand of Lion Brand Fun Fur in "Soft Yellow". I just love the way the colors of the Taffy are popping out. I am knitting it on a size 19 needles using 10 stitches. I will just knit till one of the skeins runs out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FO's and Answers

First I want to thank all of you who visited my blog and left such nice comments. That is so encouraging. I'll try to answer a couple of the questions that were left. The Shapely Shawlette is a purchased pattern. It is "Simply Garter - A Shapely Shawlette" and the designer is Judy Pascale. I am knitting this with Koigu Painter's Palette Merino. The ribbon scarf being knitted with the square needles is just the basic drop stitch pattern. I am knitting 4 rows, then knitting the next row wrapping each stitch twice. Then I knit a row dropping the wraps.

Now for the FO's. I finished the monthly KAL cloth (in blue). It is called "Moss Ivy Facecloth" and is designed by Janet Nogle, the moderator for the Monthly Dishcloth Group. I also finished the hot pink cloth, Emily's Building Blocks. Photos below of the finished cloths.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some WIP's

This is my first attempt at blogging. I enjoy reading other knitting blogs to see what projects are on the needles or completed so decided to jump in and try my own blog. I think that perhaps this will make me more accountable for what stays on the needles and what actually gets finished. I have several WIP's right now and some are older than others. I am going to try posting some pictures of these now.

First is the Shapely Shawlette. That is my oldest WIP and I really would like to finish this one.
Next is my multi-directional scarf from the book, Modular Knitting. I am using Paton's SWS yarn for this in color "geranium". Very nice to work with and I am also close to finishing this.

Next WIP is a ribbon scarf for me I am using square needles to knit this scarf and really like the feel with the very slippery ribbon yarn.
Also on the needles now, but soon to be finished since they are instant-gratification knitting are two washcloths. The hot pink one is called Emily's Building Blocks and was designed by an internet friend for DishClothsRUs. The blue one is the June mid-month KAL on the Monthly Dishcloth list on yahoogroups.